k Walden for Educators
Using Walden, a game in classrooms

Is Walden an educational game?
Not strictly, no, but the game is rich with content that makes it a great educational experience. We are currently working curriculum designers to create lesson plans for educators of all levels. As soon as that curriculum is ready, we will post it here, but we are also happy to make the game available to you now.

How much will it cost?
Nothing! Part of our goal is to support educators and scholars interested in using the game in their classrooms. To get a complimentary license for your class, just contact Walden Support and tell us about yourself and the class you want to use it for. We'll send you a special link for use in your classroom.

Request a classroom license from Walden support here.

What hardware/software does my classroom need to play?
The game works on either Windows PC's or Macintosh computers, but requires a 3D graphics card and adequate memory. For specific hardware requirements and instructions for install, read our FAQ here. It is not available for mobile or tablets. Later this summer, it will also be available for consoles, but for now we only support Windows and Mac.

I need help with something else!
If you have questions about anything else, you can contact us here: Walden support